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Why Market Analysis Matters?

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How do we work?

We at SMT, trust both fundamental analysis and technical analysis and of course we keep Price action above all. When it comes to Investing, we use fundamental analysis to determine what to buy and implement technical analysis when to buy and sell.

And specially when it comes to Trading – (which is like a business only) we majorly use the smart combination of technical and Price actions.

Unlike Trading in Share/Stock/Equity/Cash, the Futures & Options (F&O) are different and more volatile. And just because of its volatility only it has esteem potential to make anyone Rich to Rag and Rag to Rich, therefore it should be traded with more caution as it has an expiry date and deployed money may get zero at the Expiry if it doesn't go in your direction.

At SMT (Stock Market Today) we are a specialized futures and options segment along with Equity.

Market Analysis

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